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Welcome to The Collar Club Daycare and Boarding


We’ve created a loving place with dogs’ wants and needs in mind. We offer everything your fur baby requires with dog day-care, overnight, weekend and holiday boarding. Our WhatsApp parent group will keep you posted all day with pics and gifs so you can watch them play with their BFFFs (best furry friends forever) in open and safe environments. Professionally trained pack leaders will love and care for your pup like they are our own. Our pack leaders supervise and work side by side with our special needs workshop adults, (junior pack leaders) who benefit so greatly from the interaction with your fur baby, amazing friendships are formed daily. You can trust your dog will come home overjoyed – and most likely a little tired – from all of the excitement of the day.

Pledge to Safety

We chase the absolute highest standards of safety in everything we do! Our goal is to make sure all pups in our care are happy, safe and comfortable.

Our Main Services


At The Collar Club, we’re a unique breed. We love and care for your pup like they are our own. We realize that your dog is a furry member of your family and they deserve the highest level of quality care. Similar to a child’s day-care, we provide recurring day-care for your dog, providing safe socialization, education and exercise.


Going on holiday? Why not treat your dog to one as well? Our friendly and attentive team will do everything possible to ensure The Collar Club feels like a home away from home for your pup. Whether you need to board your dog for an overnight stay, for the weekend, a holiday or extended care, your dog will spend their days enjoying supervised open play with their BFFFs, and their nights enjoying restful sleep.