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About Us

Daycare is a purposeful choice made for the love of your dog – a selfless decision to ensure they are happy, healthy and equipped to become a well-rounded pup. Even our boarding services offer your pup an open-play environment to get them the socialization, exercise and education they deserve.
Because dogs are social creatures, we believe that every dog deserves daycare – our daycare center runs very much like a child’s daycare. We provide report cards, know each pup by name and believe in 100 percent transparency. Just like it takes a village to raise children, it takes a village to raise a well-balanced pup and we will work alongside you on that journey! More than anything, we guarantee to love each pup as if it were our own.

We currently have more than 25 dogs at our daycare. Besides ensuring a safe and healthy open-play environment, at The Collar Club your dog can find its BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever) and experience the Most Exciting Day Ever!


Our Collar Club Vision, is:

To enhance the joy of dog ownership and enable dogs to positively change the world

The statement “Enhance the Joy of Pet ownership” refers to our daycare services, designed to help dogs get safe socialization, exercise and education, ultimately making them better canine citizens that are better behaved around other dogs, other humans, at home and in public places. The second part, “Enable Dogs to Positively Change Our World” is geared toward our special needs adult workshop, that runs alongside our Daycare through the workshop, we believe that dogs are not only man’s best friend, but can be a friend to our special needs adults through the work they do in the areas of autism.

To provide innovative, high-quality, consistent, value-for-money, dog friendly daycare, boarding and services that will make your pet want to come back again…and again.

Dogs mean the world to us. They give us their all every day and expect nothing in return. Big or small. Floppy ears or sloppy kissers. At The Collar Club, we have endless love for them all. And we stop at nothing to make sure they’re happy, safe and fulfilled even when you can’t be there. From our uncompromising safety standards to our free play system, it matters to us the way it matters to you. Life is too short (even in dog years) to not live it up on the daily. Now you both can.

They’re always up for a treat and when you’re thinking of a place for your pup to play, stay and get pampered, The Collar Club is exactly what they’d ask for if they could.

Everything we do at The Collar Club – from the way we greet you on the phone, to the way we introduce a new service or train a new team member, is underpinned by the following seven core values:


  • Excellence
  • Care
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Consistency
  • Enjoyment
  • Value for money

Our Team

Our CEO – Sue van der Linde

Sue is also the founder and CEO of Iris House Children’s Hospice. Sue created The Collar Club as not only a commercial doggy day-care but also as a protective workshop for special needs adults, predominately with Autism, who are unable to find mainstream jobs due to limited training and their lack of confidence. Sue is an animal lover of note and is a firm believer in animal therapy. Sue can’t remember a time when she was not surrounded by animals. Sue has been horse riding since a very young age and has owned some incredible dogs of her own. At Iris House she has two beautiful therapy horses, a therapy dog, two sheep, and several chickens. Alfred her therapy dog attends The Collar Club on his “days off” from working with the special needs children that Iris House cares for. Sue is hands-on and is constantly looking at areas where The Collar Club can extend and improve its services. Sue is qualified in dog training and reactive dog training and encourages learning for all employees. 

Our Estate Manager – Jacques Pettersen

Jacques has been with Iris House for over five years. His incredible work ethic and great ideas have seen both the hospice and The Collar Club build from pretty much nothing. In the case of The Collar Club, it has grown from essentially was a piece of open ground, with no electricity, water, sewerage, or walling to successful, innovative doggy daycare.

The Collar Club Manager – Saul Neame

The Collar Club Pack Leader – Struan Gentz

The Collar Club Junior Pack Leaders – Reeva and Jacques